British Women Want Their Own Businesses

British Women Want Their Own Businesses

“If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short” – Kamala Harris

It’s 2022, women should no longer be trapped in patriarchal structures. Women can be both mothers and founders of businesses. Yet despite the social advancements of women’s rights in the last 100 years, there is still a way to go regarding women and successful business. 

Mothers want to be self-employed

A recent study conducted by IONOS SE investigated what British people think about starting their own businesses. An important finding from the study found that women – especially mothers – want to be self-employed. More than a quarter of the British people are unsatisfied with their jobs, with women making up a higher percentage than men. Women have always suffered structural inequalities in the workplace, which have only been heightened since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mothers want to be self-employedMothers want to be self-employed

To read more about how British women feel about the current labour market, download the free British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey.

What you’ll find in the study

  • How satisfied the British people are in their jobs
  • The foundations for a strong business
  • How women and mothers have a hard time starting up
  • How the pandemic has influenced new businesses
  • The effect of advancing the digitisation

The fear of starting a business – a woman’s perspective

The study found that nearly 61% of women would like to start their own business yet only 1.7 million of the 4.35 million self-employed people in the UK are female. So, what is stopping women from starting up despite their desires to do so? Find out in the free ebook!

Do women lack faith in themselves?

Do women lack faith in themselves

The IONOS SE study found that women have fewer business ideas when compared to men – but are females less imaginative or do they just lack faith in themselves?

To read more about why women feel less confident in their careers and what other fears hold people back from starting their own businesses, and becoming business owners download the ebook.

Encouraging mothers to start a business

Does having a child mean the end of your career? Absolutely not! But what does the British public think? Do women have enough support in starting up? Do digitisation and the financial aspect of starting a business seem too daunting? The IONOS SE study explores the problems women face in the workplace and dives into what is holding mothers back from taking control of their careers.

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