How to Create Promotional Videos Easily for Your Business Online?

How to Create Promotional Videos Easily for Your Business Online?

If you own a small or emerging business, you’re likely looking forward to virtual marketing strategies for elevating your business. One of the most effective methods of marketing is using video. Through video marketing, you can enjoy creative expression, resonate with your customers, and generate greater sales.

A complete video package includes text, graphics, images, and audio. Marketing through video allows businesses to win customers with effective storytelling. Videos are also better at building customer trust than any other strategy. If you correctly deliver your message via video, you’ll likely witness greater viewer engagement and a higher clickthrough rate.

When making a marketing video, you might think of heavy equipment and a creative team, which would require a hefty budget. However, fortunately, you don’t need to spend huge sums on marketing when you can make videos on your own!

PosterMyWall is a graphic designing software that you can use to make videos and slideshows to promote your business. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate its features and create visually appealing video content without prior training. If you need more clarification about creating promotional videos, this step-by-step guide will help you use PosterMyWall for video marketing.

How to Create Promotional Videos Easily for Your Business Online?

Creating a video with PosterMyWall

Creating a video with PosterMyWall

You can make your designs into videos using PosterMyWall. First, you’ll need to select a design from the available templates or create your design from scratch. Then you can add your video from the ‘Media’ option in the left menu. The video should be in MP4, WMV, FLV, or WAV format, less than 2 GB. You can also add a stock video from the many available templates by clicking on the ‘Add Stock Video.’

Several business video templates are available on PosterMyWall that you can customize using video editing tools.

You must note that you can add four videos to your design.

Customizing a video with PosterMyWall

Once you’ve added a video, you have several features that can help customize your video.

  • You can customize the video duration by clicking the clock icon on the bottom left of the screen and selecting the ‘Use Custom Duration’ option.
  • You can use the left menu to edit text, font size, style, background color, and resize elements on your design. The various editing features allow you to customize your content which helps build a brand identity.
  • Under the ‘Edit’ tab, you’ll find editing tools like the opacity slider, trimmer, and flip or stretch option.
  • You can even access special effects under the ‘Edit’ tab. The tab includes features like adding borders or shadows or controlling the video brightness.
  • One of our favorite features is the masking option that allows you to remove selected areas from your design. To simplify the process, you can even use pre-existing shapes. You can use this feature to mask videos as well.

Creating a slideshow with PosterMyWall

Making slideshows allows for showcasing more text in less space in a visually attractive way. Slideshows are more effective when displaying your products or services along with their details, deals, and offers.

Creating a slideshow with PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall works as your very own custom slideshow maker!

To create a slideshow, click ‘Add Slideshow’ from the menu on the left. You can add text, images, or videos to your slideshow. You can also add various transitions, including wipe, shrink, or fade options and set their duration.

For each slide, you can set the time duration as well. You can use the controls on the bottom left to start or stop the slide. Aside from creating a slideshow, you can edit it using the ‘Edit Tab’ in several ways, such as adding or resizing images.

Adding intro animations

The ‘Intro Animations’ feature is a chic way to present your content virtually. It is a recently launched feature of PosterMyWall that allows you to make attractive visuals. To make epic marketing content, you can mix intro animations with slideshows or videos.

PosterMyWall offers nine unique animation options that you can use to showcase your content in various creative ways and tune the speed and animation style.

To create an animation, you must open a design, an image, or a video without selecting any item. Then click the ‘Intro Animation’ option on the right menu and select an animation from the available options. You can also adjust the animation speed and direction for some given options.

Downloading a video on PosterMyWall

Downloading a video on PosterMyWall

Once your video is ready, you must download it to your device to post it on online platforms such as your website or social media accounts. You can download the video in HD for $14.95 or 4K for $29.95.

However, since you’ll use PosterMyWall frequently for making promotional videos, we recommend you subscribe to the software’s premium or premium plus package.


New and emerging businesses can use video marketing to promote their products or services. Even on a limited budget, you can create engaging, dynamic and meaningful content using PosterMyWall’s video-creating features.

With several eye-catching business video templates, you only need to customize features according to your brand identity. You can even create slideshows and add intro animations to videos and slideshows to make appealing promotional content.

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