4 Unique Ways To Make Your Living Space Feel More Homely

4 Unique Ways To Make Your Living Space Feel More Homely

Whether you have moved into a new place, or you have lived in your home for years, you deserve to be able to fully relax and feel at home there. Here we discuss how to make living space feel homely.

So, we have put together a guide with a few simple and affordable things you can do to make your house feel more like home. These things are non-permanent, so they are perfect whether you rent or own your home.

So, let’s get into it and find out how you can make your living space feel more homely without spending a fortune!

1. Add Ambient Lighting


The first thing you can do to make your house feel like a home is to add ambient home lighting. In a rental home, you can take out the current light shades and put your own in. Change bland shades for ones that create a unique pattern or light the room up in a whole new way. Then, buy a couple of lamps to place around the room, so that you are not accessing all your light from one area, but instead, you will create more diverse lighting with different dimensions.

You can also change the lightbulbs from white to a more yellow tone, bringing a beautiful warmth that can completely change the ambience of a room.

2. Have Soft Furnishings


Another wonderful (and sometimes underrated) addition to any room is soft furnishings. If a room is feeling slightly bland, cold, or un-cosy, then adding a textured rug, blankets, cushions, and curtains to complement the space will be the best change you can make.

It can be difficult to add texture to a rental space, so this is an affordable and accessible change that anyone can make. You could continue with your colour palette, but try bold new textures and brighter shades to bring the room to life such as creating a green living room for example.

If you need to dispose of any old furnishings or furniture, make sure to recycle furniture with e-waste adequately or get a consultation from a professional furniture removal service near you.

3. Brighten with Plants and Dried Flowers


One of the best ways to bring life to any room is with plants and dried flowers. We would suggest normal flowers as of course they’re beautiful, but they don’t last very long, so plants and dried flowers are more economical options that will really become a part of your home!

Plants have so many benefits in the home, from adding a gorgeous splash of colour, clearing impurities from the air, encouraging a relaxing environment, and improving productivity. The easiest houseplants to care for are aloe vera, spider plants, Chinese money plants and succulents so make sure to avoid plants that easily get common plant diseases. Plus, these are all beautiful plants! Water every 1-2 weeks in the summer, every 2-3 weeks in the winter and try to give it some indirect sunlight!

If live plants aren’t quite your thing, then dried flowers are a beautiful alternative. They usually last between 2 and 3 years and are stunning, especially if you like a more rustic finish. With so many different options when it comes to colour palettes, you can find the perfect fit for your home.

4. Hang Wall Art


An easy way to add character to any space is to hang wall art. Blank walls can make any room feel unhomely, so you will notice such a big change as soon as your wall art is hung!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on wall art, as wall art prints offer a cheap alternative that oozes character! You can purchase them online, choose your own frames and then arrange them in a stunning gallery wall to make a real statement. Go for botanicals to tie in with your new plants, choose a meaningful quote print or be bold and choose something you might not have ever chosen before! This could be just what your room needs to bring to life.

Final Thoughts

Making your house feel more like a home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, so now is the time to make a change so you feel completely relaxed and happy in your home! When you declutter and redesign your home, ensure that you use the top rubbish removal companies near you to collect and recycle any waste for you.

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