5 Items to Have Maintained & Replaced Often in Your Business Office Building

5 Items to Have Maintained & Replaced Often in Your Business Office Building

Regardless of how you feel about your work, there is something about going into a lovely, modern office building that makes staff feel more productive and work better.

In addition to modern, a clean and well-lit foyer with a welcoming guard or receptionist is always a plus. However, you may notice that regardless of how excellent your foyer area is, when the building is not well maintained, the walk to your office space seems longer and without great aesthetics to get your day started on a good foot.

Continue reading to discover some things that office buildings can do and items that need to be replaced often by those maintaining the facility to keep up a good standard.

Depending on the size of the building, many significant office buildings are situated with a security desk, reception area, and turn style stations for employees and guests to get beyond the front. The businesses inside the building pay rent which covers the cost of taking care of the building.

With that in mind, the open space in your office building should be clean and welcoming. There shouldn’t be obstacles in the way of getting to your office. In addition, there shouldn’t be trash and debris that make it impossible for businesses to see patients or customers.

Some things that should be replaced often in an office building include:

1. Door Strips

door-strips-to-have-maintained-and-replaced-often-in-your-officeRegardless of whether your foyer has carpet or if the individual offices are carpeted, one thing that often changes is the door threshold strip. That is the metal bar at the building entrance that holds the carpet or flowing down. It is distinctive and serves as a guide to know they are in the office.

The benefit of having door strips is safety. In addition to creating a smooth transition for carpet to floor and a seamless threshold to step across, door threshold strips help building owners avoid lawsuits. The number one lawsuit against a building or property owner is trip and falls. Door strips prevent trips on carpet edges. You will also want to have door threshold seals installed at every office room to help block out noise so that your employees are able to concentrate.

2. Sign-In Process

signin-process-to-have-maintained-and-replaced-often-in-your-officeThe safety and security of businesses inside an office building are the number one priority. That means getting to their offices without tripping and falling but also that no madman will come into the business to cause harm.

Many office buildings protect employees with specific badges that allow them to use the elevators and come and go freely. However, if you aren’t a regular employee in that building and would like to get to the offices, sign-in and visitor passes are in place. Some only ask you to sign a book and put down what office you are going to.

Others take photos, scan identification, and the go-ahead to the office to confirm your access. The sign-in process for many buildings changes often, and many are becoming more digital, using technological advancements and trends.

3. Bathroom Amenities

bathroom-amenities-to-have-maintained-and-replaced-often-in-your-officeIf you work in an office with a private bathroom, you can consider yourself lucky. However, many office buildings have large bathrooms on each floor that both employees of the offices and those visiting the building use. Therefore, specific amenities there are changed often. A cool idea would be for your business to create their own products with their logo to put in the bathrooms for employees to use and take with them.

Paper towels, toilet paper, and soap are frequently used. However, large bathrooms should also be hand dryers and air fresheners. Keeping bathrooms stocked, clean, and fresh smelling is vital to office buildings staying full of renting businesses.

4. Light Bulbs

light-bulbs-to-have-maintained-and-replaced-often-in-your-officeAs stated above, a well-lit building is essential. Not only is it brighter and more welcoming, but facilities must also keep the lights in the hallways and around the outside of the building burning bright. That means, whatever size bulbs a building uses, they should always have a puppy on hand so that no area is without lights.

5. Visitor Badges

visitor-badges-to-have-maintained-and-replaced-often-in-your-officeObtaining a visitor badge when a guest in a building seems redundant and useless. However, imagine working for a company on the second floor where your work is so classified that you need clearance. You wouldn’t want a stranger walking around on your floor thinking they were on the third floor.

Have a badge to notify those who work in the building that you are a guest. It is a way of protecting employees and ensuring that visitors don’t wander the building aimlessly.


As you have read, buildings that lease offices to companies have a responsibility to keep the building up to par for those who work in the building. They must maintain a safe and clean facility and manage certain items that must often be replaced in the building. Some of those items are listed above. If you are a property manager or supervise a commercial building, the items listed must be changed and adequately maintained.

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