Top 5 Summer Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Top 5 Summer Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

As you may already know, the United Kingdom is going through a heatwave.

Now, if you haven’t already, this is the perfect sign that you should be looking at buying the summer essentials for your wardrobe! Treat yourself to a big spending spree because it will continue to be hot over the coming weeks and we might not have yet experienced the worst of it!

The great thing about these summer essentials is that they’re never going to go out of style, so you can keep wearing them year after year.

In this article, we will be running through the summer items you need to keep you looking fresh and feeling cool!

1. A Selection of White T-Shirts

white-tshirts-is-summer-essentials-for-every-mans-wardrobeThere are so many variations of a t-shirt that you can buy when it comes to your summer wardrobe! We would choose an oversized plain t-shirt to wear in the summer months because it is relaxed, keeping you cool during the day.

Furthermore, you want to avoid wearing muscle-fit tops as these are skin-tight and will show off your sweat patches, which isn’t a look we’d like to go for. Nonetheless, you can wear a basic white t-shirt that is the standard fit if you want something in between! Plus, this can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

If you prefer to wear graphic t-shirts then go for something mainly white with splashes of colour, so it is easy to style with your other clothing. We’d always advise you have both graphic and plain white tees in your wardrobe, to ensure you have different styles to wear depending on the occasion and your mood. One of the best parts about a white tee is you can wear them with literally anything, making it an essential in any summer wardrobe!

2. Short-Sleeved Shirts

shortsleeved-shirts-is-summer-essentials-for-every-mans-wardrobeShort-sleeved shirts are another essential item that you need for the warmer summer months, especially for slightly dressier occasions. This might be a nice dinner date, wedding reception or your summer outfits for the office. When the temperature is 20+ degrees, one of the last things you want to wear is a long-sleeved shirt. Short sleeves are definitely worth the purchase as you will get so much wear out of them over the summer.

Again, there are so many choices when it comes to choosing short-sleeve shirts that you can wear during summer. We would advise you to wear short-sleeved oxford shirts for the office as these are more formal, but you can then also wear these for other formal events, like evening work events.

Linen is arguably the best material you can wear for summer, so short sleeve linen shirts are also another great option to have in your wardrobe. If you wish to wear something more casual and fun, then a floral pattern short sleeve shirt is a must! Or go for something simpler with a white or black colour. Again, ensure that you have many variations of these in your wardrobe as you will wear them a lot when it is warm!

3. Knitted Polo

knitted-polo-is-summer-essentials-for-every-mans-wardrobeUp next, we have got the knitted polo. You might think knitted wool isn’t the best material to wear during summer however, they are still a good addition to your wardrobe as they can actually be very breathable when the polo is relatively thin. We would advise that you wear these types of polos when they aren’t at peak temperature, but they can be great for a cooler daytime into evening.

Knitted polos also make great evening wear for your summer holidays if you want to look on-trend, as they tend to have zips instead of buttons which are very fashionable at the moment. If you are unsure what to wear with your polo, either wear a pair of shorts or cropped pants and complete your outfit with white trainers, boat shoes or even loafers.

4. Linen Suit

linen-suit-is-summer-essentials-for-every-mans-wardrobeThis is a very formal but much-needed outfit for this time of year. If you are at that age where all your friends and family are getting married, you have probably been invited to a wedding abroad.

The issue with this is that you still have to stick to the dress code of wearing a suit, so a linen suit is a perfect suit to wear when you are at a summer wedding, even if the dress code is formal when you dress it up with a fantastic shirt and tie!

Or keep it simple with a two-piece suit as they are more suitable for this weather plus, you can wear a short sleeve shirt or even a t-shirt with this outfit.

5. Cropped Pants

cropped-pants-is-summer-essentials-for-every-mans-wardrobeCropped pants are the final addition that you need for your summer wardrobe. They are great because you can wear many different items (which are on this list), particularly with plain t-shirts and short-sleeve shirts. If you wish to create a formal outfit with the cropped pants, wear with a short-sleeve shirt. Then finish off your outfit with a pair of loafers or plain white trainers for a smart-casual twist. If you are going to a formal bar/restaurant, then a t-shirt will great.


As you can see, there are many essential items that you need for your summer wardrobe. These are without a doubt essential fashion pieces for every man in their twenties and above to wear. You are covering all bases with these items so make sure your wardrobe is up to date to keep you looking fashionable. Time to put those full tracksuits at the bottom of your wardrobe and wear something more suitable for the warmer months.