Top 5 Tech Trends For Business Owners To Know In 2022

Top 5 Tech Trends For Business Owners To Know In 2022

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise in that it has accelerated the adoption of various cutting-edge technologies across all sectors.

The digital revolution is not likely to slow down any time soon, and 2022 looks to be the year that technology will be embraced even more, and operations will continue shifting online.

Hybrid work models, social media and search engine marketing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, among other key technologies, will continue dominating our world and transforming how we work and entertain ourselves. Hence why every business owner, no matter their industry, needs to be up to date with the latest tech and digital marketing trends that could impact their company.

Below are major ways in which technology is advancing in 2022.

1. Passwords are Becoming a Thing of the Past


The world is gradually, and most recently at an accelerated pace moving away from traditional alphanumeric passwords, which often require frequent updates. App users are growing weary of the constant need to master a bunch of passwords and change them once security breaches arise. With artificial intelligence, all this will soon be out of mind and sight.

Your personal and business data will be more secure, and so will you. While passwords are meant to be kept secret, they ironically must be shared for them to be used. This exposes them to theft while in transit on the internet through phishing. In addition to this, mega repositories of these passwords are also vulnerable and can be hacked. With sensor technology and AI, authentication will be fast, seamless, and convenient for everyone. Face, iris, fingerprint, and voice authentication will completely phase out passwords as a source of data security.

Commonly used digital devices, especially smartphones, have been at the forefront of presenting the AI revolution to individual users. As a result of AI, you can easily unlock your phone in a split second using your fingerprint or iris, conduct a voice search on the internet and get personalized recommendations based on past search and purchase behaviour. Indeed, AI and sensor technology are here to stay and will continue evolving through algorithm enhancement and will continuously make your experience online worthwhile and your data safer than it has ever been.

2. Accelerated use of Social Media


Social media platforms have been integral in defining how people interact, shop, and market their products and services in the recent past. With lockdowns, people spent a huge chunk of their time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, among other platforms entertaining themselves and forming bonds. Businesses used such resources and took the golden opportunity to step up their efforts and develop customer-centric content and campaigns to capture the attention of target audiences.

Additionally, businesses were able to reap big from social commerce. Instagram especially, with its IG Shop feature, saw a lot of businesses utilize social ads to drive traffic to their product or service catalogues which boosted revenue streams immensely. 2022 will not be different. A social culture that began taking shape over a decade ago is at its peak and certainly not showing signs of slowing down. With social media becoming a key part of society, taking social media courses online has been on the rise. These courses allow individuals to have a firm grasp of what they must do to optimize social media efforts.

3. Cloud Computing


Almost every business has embraced cloud services in its operations which is a key cost-cutting approach. The technology has existed for a while, with key industry players, Azure by Microsoft, AWS by Amazon, and Google Cloud Platform being at the forefront of offering impeccable and seamless cloud services to clients which can be used to increase SEO for your business. Hardware and storage infrastructure are being phased out gradually. In 2022, the cloud computing market is set to hit an all-time high of 397.4 billion dollars.

4. 5G Technology


Internet speeds are bound to increase tenfold with the introduction of 5G technology which is expected to be 4Gā€™s replacement. The technology, though much anticipated, comes with its fair share of challenges which puts some roadblocks in its implementation. 5G can only travel for short distances and cannot penetrate thick structures, which calls for a lot of spending on relay infrastructure. However, enhancement in data transfers and connection speeds certainly outweighs the challenges.

5. Sustainable Energy


The only source of energy that saw its usage increase throughout the pandemic was renewable energy. On a global scale, there was a huge drop in energy utilization from non-renewable sources, consequently leading to an eight percent reduction in carbon emissions. In 2020, it was estimated that forty percent more renewable energy was used in more sustainable homes as compared to the previous year. The upward trajectory is by all means expected to carry on in 2022.

Technology is evolving very fast and becoming part of our lives a year in year out. Failure to embrace technology is to your detriment. The tech revolution is being integrated by innovators and early adopters faster than we would expect. Following suit without much hesitation is the way to go.

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