4 Ways To Overcome a Fear of The Dentist

4 Ways To Overcome a Fear of The Dentist

If you have a fear of the dentist, we understand how hard it can be to overcome it.

You might have had a negative experience in the past which has caused your fear, or maybe you’ve inherited a fear from a family member.

No matter how you have developed your fear, we are here to help you overcome it, with a few simple things you can do to make the process so much easier.

Oral health is so important, which is why overcoming your fear is so important!

1. Go Have A Look Around The Dentist

go-look-around-the-dentist-to-overcome-a-fear-of-the-dentistOur first tip to help you overcome a fear of the dentist is to go and have a look around before you book any appointments. Give reception a call and just ask if you can come and have a look, and someone will likely be able to show you around.

This way, you can get a feel for the environment, sit down for a bit, and get used to the place without the anticipation of having an appointment and when you do eventually go for an appointment, one element of the unknown is removed. You could also book to have a chat with your dentist, just about whatever it is you are visiting for, so you know exactly what to expect and you can prepare however you feel is best to relieve stress as much as possible.

Overall, visiting prior to your appointment will help massively when you do go in, as you will see familiar faces, know the environment, and just feel more at ease at the beginning.

2. Book Your Appointment Early In The Day

book-your-appointment-early-to-overcome-a-fear-of-the-dentistAnother thing you can do to make the process of visiting the dentist easier is to book your appointment early in the day. When you book your appointment in the morning, you will beat the after-work rush, so the practice will be calmer, and you’ll have less time to wait as appointments are less likely to be running behind.

Plus, you won’t have much time in the day to get worked up about the appointment, compared to if you went in the evening where you are likely to be worrying all day. So, book your appointment in advance and book it early!

3. Take A Friend With You

take-a-friend-with-you-to-overcome-a-fear-of-the-dentistTaking a friend with you to the dentist is another way to help you overcome your fear. If you go on your own, you might spend the journey and waiting time getting concerned and overthinking everything, whereas if a friend is with you, you can just have a chat as normal and if you do have any concerns, they will help you to work through them and calm you down.

Also, if you are going to a new dentist, even if you’ve visited before, it is still a new environment, so having someone you love there with you can really help. Even if they just wait in the car or go to a local coffee shop when you have your treatment, this can make a big difference. Eventually, you might find that you’re happy to go in on your own, but it is worth trying to ease your nerves.

4. Invest In Private Dental Care

invest-in-private-dental-care-to-overcome-a-fear-of-the-dentistOne of the best tips we can give you when it comes to overcoming your fear of the dentist is to invest in going to a private dentist. You can get monthly subscriptions to make everything more affordable, but it can really transform your experience at the dentist. There are endless amounts of benefits, that we’re going to introduce, to help you overcome your fear.

Firstly, most newer private dentists invest heavily in their interiors, so when you go in, it feels so much more relaxing than your standard clinical dental practice. You will instantly feel more at ease, and first impressions definitely make a big difference.

Another huge benefit of seeing a private dentist if you have a fear is that you will never be waiting around for ages for your dentist. Everything is run like clockwork, so you will quickly get into your appointment. This is because a much longer slot is assigned for each patient, which again is another benefit, as you will never be rushed into starting any treatment, but you will have time to get settled, ask any questions, and then feel completely comfortable before anything begins.

Private dentists are also able to invest in much better technology, which not only gets you better results but also means that treatments tend to be less invasive and much more comfortable. All these things combined make private dental care great for people with a fear of the dentist, as they simply have more time to make sure you’re comfortable and they have the funds to invest in the latest technology.

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